Posted 19.3.18
Ian Dyson
Easter again! Doesn’t it come round quickly?

Deadlines dictate that, as I’m composing this, there’s still a fair bit of snow lying about in the village, although the worst does seem to be over (for now!). Even so, there are a few hopeful signs: the snowdrops have been out for a while now, and the daffodils are beginning to appear on the Leeswood verges, and it won’t be long till the trees start covering themselves in blossom, and while I haven’t heard a cuckoo yet, all the signs are hopeful!

I like the spring, with all its promise of new life, new hope, new possibilities. Hence all the cute bunnies and the fluffy chicks on the Easter cards. The cold, dead grip of winter is gradually loosened and things start to show signs of life again.

For the Christian believer, there’s an extra dimension to all this new life at Easter time. On Good Friday we remember Jesus’s agonisingly painful death, strung up on a Roman gibbet. But then comes Easter Sunday, and we celebrate the fact that he rose to life again, a new life, new hope, new possibilities.

Easter Sunday encourages us to believe that, for us too, pain and suffering and death are not the final scene. Like the daffodils hiding away under the snow and the frost and then bursting out in new shoots, like the trees standing bare and (apparently) lifeless all winter and then suddenly being covered in blossom, the Easter message is that there is new hope after despair, new life after death, new possibilities after what seems to be the end.

Jesus’ rising from the dead means there’s hope for us all… Every blessing to you this Easter time!