What’s happening at Bethania

Coronavirus update
In line with Government guidelines on public gatherings, all meetings at Bethania Chapel have been suspended until further notice.

We have decided on this action out of respect and love for the people who gather in our church building. We value all in our community and want to help the best we can. For a season this will mean limited contact in services but continued communication through social media. Our families will be gathering for worship and prayer in their homes and praying for each other and the communities of Leeswood. We are also asking our members to watch out for their neighbours who may need help in acquiring essential supplies.

We are deeply inspired by the words of Jesus to all those who follow him ‘I am with you always’ Matthew 28:18


Knowing God, Growing in Christ, Showing Christ to Others

Bethania is an evangelical church community in the village of Leeswood in north east Wales.
The name of our church comes from the village of Bethania in Israel – a place Jesus often stayed. In Hebrew, the name means ‘house of the poor’.
That’s appropriate for us. By global economic standards we are well off. But Jesus spoke of people being poor on many different levels, spiritually as well as as economically. We need to learn to become rich in the things Jesus valued: forgiveness, compassion, justice and the love of God.
He said:
“Blessed are you who are poor for yours is the Kingdom of God” (Luke 6:20)
Here in Bethania Leeswood, we are seeking to be a community centred on Jesus and the things that make us truly rich.