Where Do We Find God?

I have had a deep sense of the reality and presence of God since early childhood. The wonder and beauty of nature, in particular, has been a channel through which God has revealed himself to me: whether watching dolphins swimming next to a boat, or spending a couple of hours in the back garden observing a meteor shower. I have met many people who have said something similar to me about finding God in nature. Some of them have gone on to say: ‘I don’t need church. Nature is my cathedral.’ I certainly understand where they are coming from.

As a young teenager, I discovered God in another kind of beauty. The moral beauty and awesome presence of Jesus Christ captivated me as a read the New Testament for myself for the first time. At that age, I made the life choice to centre my life on Jesus. I firmly believe that decision has made my life more joyful, more purposeful, and it has seen me through seem really tough times too.

Being a Christian means being a follower of Jesus, but not in the sense of a solitary religious quest. From the outset, people have followed Jesus as part of a community – a band of brothers and sisters. In Bethania we have recently ordered a new sign for our church. The sign refers to us as a ‘church community’. A local church is a community, a family. Like any family, it is certainly not perfect. But my experience is that the love and goodness of God is to be found there too, in community.

God bless,

Rev. James